Table Time of Angkor International Airports Shuttle Bus 


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Siem Reap Urban Area)- Airport




Airport - Siem ReapUrban Area)




Note:5:30/7:00/12:00/19:00 Siem Reap-Airport Routes :ANGKOR MARKET-CDF-MAKRO-AIRPORT-AIRPORT OFFICE AREA

8:00/11:00/13:30/16:30 Siem Reap-Airport Routes :CDF-AIRPORT

9:30/10:30/12:30/16:00/20:00 Airport-Siem Reap Routes :AIRPORT-CDF

15:00/18:00/22:00 Airport-Siem Reap Routes :AIRPORT OFFICE ARA-AIRPORT-MAKRO-CDF-ANGKOR MARKET

(1) Parking lot functional area

The parking lot has a total of 1,029 parking spaces, including 32 large parking spaces, 283 medium parking spaces, and 714 small parking spaces. The parking area is divided into 4 places, namely 2 public parking lots (in front of the terminal and before domestic departure), 1 VIP parking lot (east side of the terminal), and 1 merchant purchase channel (east side of the terminal) and 1 employee parking lot (on the west side of the terminal).

(2) Parking lot operation rules

There are three one-way lanes on the first floor of the terminal. The lane near the terminal is only used for internal vehicles and merchant vehicles. There are pick-up points for 2 buses and 6 taxis in the lane far from the terminal.

On the third floor of the international departure terminal, there are 2 lanes on the side near the terminal for buses to pass and park; there are 3 lanes on the far side of the terminal for cars to pass and park. There is no separation zone opening on the viaduct. , so that passenger drop-off vehicles go their own way and avoid overlapping, thereby improving the operational efficiency of vehicle management in the terminal area.