1) Shuttle buses for remote parking stands or air bridges

2) Quarantine inspection

3) Visa

4) Immigration inspection

5) Baggage claim

1) Boarding pass and baggage check-in

2) Oversized baggage check-in

3) Baggage security check

4) Quarantine inspection

5) Immigration inspection

6) Customs inspection

7) Security check

8) Waiting area

9) Boarding


1. Recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours before flight departure.

2.  For international flights check in process is begin 3 hours before the scheduled departure time and finish 45 minutes before the flight takes off.

3. For domestic flights, the check-in process begin in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and the check in process is close 30 minutes before the flight departure time.

4.  The terminal boarding broadcast is a regional broadcast, Provide broadcast notification service before boarding and during the boarding process. before the boarding complete, Perform name broadcast to search for passengers who have not boarded . Flight boarding is close 15 minute before the flight departure time.

5. . When the flight is delayed or canceled, there will be a boarding broadcast and announce to passengers every 30 minutes about delayed or canceled information.



Terminal Operations Department

- Inquiry Desk:

Our airport is warmly welcome or assist you for any enquiry information regarding to our airport's facilities, flight information 

and general information to airport operations.

For your related enquiry, please fins this below contact:

- Website:       

- Email:            

- Phone number:    +855 63 900 776

                               +855 71 384 0408

- Lost & Found Items:

For lost and found items assisting, please visit us at International Departure Hall - Floor 3, Terminal Operations 

Department/Lost and Found Items Unit.

Note: Before your arrival, should you require any further information related to your Lost and Found Items, please find this

 below contact:

Lost and Found Item Unit

- Website:      

- Email:          

- Phone number:    +855 63 900 776

                               +855 71 384 0408

1) Information desk

2) Baggage cart

3) Baggage security check room

4) Baggage packing

5) Toilet, Baby care,Accessible toilet

6) Drinking water

7) First aid

8) Duty free shops

9) CIP lounge

10) Passenger seats

11) Charging station

12) Television

13) Flight information display screen

14) VIP lounge

15) Baggage inquiries

16) Courtyard